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Ron B. Palmer cuts through the marketing spin and the punditry double talk to give you the straight scoop on IT management.

Complexity can be mastered with the right management skills. Neither machines nor technology will take over or solve business problems on their own. Professional IT Managers implementing systems with structure, discipline, and the right tools can tame complexity and are the future of IT business alignment.

Ron B. Palmer delivers this message in a dynamic thought-provoking manner related to current issues for both business and academia.


Ron B Palmer Speaker at ICIS Conference 2006 Panel Discussion
ICIS Conference 2006 Panel Discussion

IT Governance

Few people realize that IT Governance is a marketing term designed to sell IT auditing. As a marketing term, it is very successful. As a strategy for IT management, it is misleading and dangerous. Trying to implement “IT Governance” introduces more complexity than is necessary to an already overburdened IT organization. Comply with governance requirements, align IT to business needs, and increase the bottom line all without the additional complexity of an “IT Governance” management structure.

Ron cuts right to the heart of matters helping you to understand where governance fits and what management structures are required not only to comply but to move ahead.

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Ron B Palmer Speaker WITS 2006 Conference Keynote
WITS Conference 2006 Keynote


Transforming IT through Service Delivery

The secret to IT business alignment is hidden in plain sight. We search desperately for the means to alignment with little success, when in fact the answer lies directly before us. Business is the answer; running IT as a business within a business is all it takes to create alignment. IT as a business must deliver something of value in return for value. For Enterprise IT, that "something of value" is Services. Committing to this single fundamental concept will transform everything that Enterprise IT does.

ITIL Version 3 explores this concept in detail and provides a Service Lifecycle Model to help clarify and explain how to navigate this transformation.  Ron cuts directly to the value and helps you understand how the new version 3 lifecycle model can be leveraged in your organization to drive business-within-a-business value creation.

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Improving Decision Making, the Promise of a CMDB

The CMDB is sold as the "Holy Grail" of IT Service Management, when in fact it is simply a wooden cup. Before embarking on a quest destined to end in futility, take the opportunity to clarify the business aligned goal that many attempt to wedge the CMDB into. Once the goal is clear, the purpose, scope, and placement of the CMDB falls naturally into place.

The fundamental business problem solved by data stored in the CMDB is "how to make better decisions." Therefore, any approach to building a CMDB must begin with asking "what decisions do we need to make?" and "what information is needed to make those decisions better?" Improving decision making improves the bottom line and can be done at every level of the organization with any size project. The goal of Configuration Management should be to foster organic growth of structured decision support information and to provide an enterprise framework to combine and leverage decision support information across the enterprise.

ITIL version 3 has taken these criticisms to heart and has responded with Service Asset & Configuration Management.  This new process area expands on the CMDB concept, introducing federated CMDBs and places these federated CMDBs within the context of a Configuration Management System (CMS).  CMS addresses additional concerns such as Information Management and Service Assets.

Let Ron clarify the changes and demonstrate how these new concepts help your organization realize the value potential of the CMDB concept.

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Custom Message

Your organization faces unique challenges every day. Your team is looking for that spark of creativity that will free its creative energies and focus everyone on a common vision and course of action. Ron B. Palmer will work with you to craft and deliver an inspiring message that leads to clarity and action.

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