Ron B. Palmer - Speaker, Trainer, Visionary

Ron B Palmer
A former Marine turned IT Service Management expert, Ron B. Palmer delivers real-world solutions for today's IT challenges. As a college graduate with an MIS degree, Ron quickly found himself managing IT for a multi-million dollar company. During a financially challenging time, Ron developed a laser focus on strategic and operational leverage points that delivered business value with limited funding. Ron participated in the startup boom of the '90s, was with Qualcomm as they became a Fortune 500 company, and helped Microsoft get started in the operations consulting field.

A sought-after expert in IT Service Management, Ron B. Palmer delivers insight, perspective, and vision to the industry. He is the author of IT Service Management Foundations: ITIL Study Guide and President of Gulf Stream Press, a specialty publisher devoted to advancing the art and science of managing complexity.

His visionary insight into the future of IT Service Management is shaping the education of tomorrow's IT workforce. Actively involved with academia, Ron’s ITIL Foundations course is taught at the University of Dallas. He co-developed the IT Service Management graduate program for the University of Dallas, is a member of the UD ITSM graduate program steering committee, and is a member of the IT Service Management Forum Academic Committee. Ron has spoken at the International Conference on Information Systems and the Workshop on Information Systems and Technology.

In 2004, Ron founded Gulf Stream Press as a vehicle to publish his writing and to broker his speaking engagements. Ron is a successful entrepreneur who speaks, trains, and advises Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

His education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Information Systems and Economics from Utah State University. He also studied Economics at the graduate level in an effort to better understand business fundamentals and gain insight into how people make value choices. An accomplished speaker and trainer, Ron B. Palmer is a member of the National Speakers Association.


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