Ron's passion is finding ways to effectively deal with complexity in all aspects of life and sharing those with others. Ron makes his living primarily through IT Management Consulting and training utilizing frameworks and standards such as ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000. Ron is an avid writer and author of multiple books. Ron is currently writing in two major areas Strategy and IT Management..


IT Management

Creating Strategic Thinkers

One of my good friends told me of a challenge he and his manager were facing. They needed their people to think more strategically but were having difficulty achieving this seemingly simple objective. As we discussed the issue, I began thinking of the problem in terms of a framework for strategy. <More>

What is more vital to success, executing strategy or achieving goals?

Too many battles have been lost and business efforts failed because people are confused about these basic concepts. An excellent strategy does not guarantee success anymore than does achieving a goal. Success is an ephemeral or emergent idea than cannot be achieved with strictly linear concepts such as goal or strategy. Goals and strategy must interact within the confines of a system to create success. The two are intricately intertwined and cannot be easily separated. <More>


Where to Start

One of the most common questions in IT Service Management is “where do we start?

It is a very common understanding that the IT infrastructure and therefore the management of IT is growing increasingly complex. ITSM solutions are commonly sold based on this knowledge and IT managers demonstrate significant pain from this reality. Increasing complexity is an integral part of our world today and is recognized in many areas such as science, politics, and religion. <More>

The IT Manager in a New Era

To really understand the job of CIO you have to dig down to the fundamentals of why the IT department exists at all and build from there. Why do organizations find it necessary to create an IT department at all? Why doesn’t each department just handle their own IT? For that matter, why do we even use technology at all? The most fundamental answer is that technology adds value to the critical activities of the business. <More>

Defining success for ISO 20000, Section 9.1

There is significant confusion in the ITIL community about the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Configuration Management. Some people believe that the CMDB includes every database and data-store used by IT to manage systems (I was formerly in this camp.) Others believe the CMDB is made up of only hardware and Software Configuration Items (CI). Many find themselves somewhere in the middle with fuzzy boundaries around what is and is not part of the CMDB.

In the past this has been something of a philosophical discussion. However, with the introduction of ISO/IEC 20000 (ISO 20K) in December of last year, this discussion becomes critical for any company pursuing ISO 20K certification. < More>



Ron B Palmer Picture

Ron B. Palmer a recognized expert in IT Service Management.

Ron has worked as an IT Director, a Senior Engineer with Qualcomm, and an Operations Consultant with Microsoft. He authored the books IT Service Management Foundations: ITIL® Study Guide, an official information source for EXIN’s ITSM Foundations exam and Foundation Exam Tips, a companion guide. He co-founded the first ever graduate program in IT Service Management at the University of Dallas. And he worked with EXIN to improve ITIL V2 questions. He served as an APMG Examiner and wrote exam questions for the ITIL V3 Service Manager's Bridge Course..

Ron is a dynamic IT Management Speaker, a widely respected ITSM Author, a sought-after ITIL Trainer, and an ITIL Master Certified Consultant. He is well respected by CIOs and Senior IT Mangers because of his thought provoking ideas and his practical guidance for immediate results.



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