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IT Service Management Foundations: ITIL® Study Guide provides the ITIL Foundations student everything needed to pass the ITIL Foundations exam.  Unlike the other ITIL books which are written as reference books and therefore difficult to read, this self study guide is written specifically to prepare students to pass the ITIL Foundations exam.  IT Service Management Foundations is an easy to read study guide that gets directly to the heart of the material needed to pass the ITIL Foundations exam.  Students will not waste time digging through page after page of obscure reference material struggling to decide which material to study. View Sample Pages.

ISBN: 0-9771469-0-1

About the Author

Ron Palmer, an ITIL Service Manager (Master) with years of ITIL training experience and ITIL implementation experience, founder of Franklin Technology Strategies, Inc., developer of an EXIN accredited ITIL Foundations course, President of Gulf Stream Press, and co-developer of an IT Service Management graduate program at the University of Dallas, shares his insight and expertise in a clear, succinct way to those seeking to improve IT operations and pass the ITIL Foundations Examination.

Quotes from Industry Leaders

"Probably the best summary of the key ITIL concepts and guidance available from any source, this book is designed to help students rapidly get to the heart of the crucial messages needed to pass the ITIL examinations.  It is an excellent management overview of the core material."

Brian Johnson
Member of the original "CCTA ITIL team"
Contributor to more than fifteen volumes of best practice in the ITIL space


“In 2006, Siemens trained 300+ internal consultants and staff using Ron’s book, IT Service Management Foundations: ITIL Study Guide and will be training an additional 300 Siemens’ professionals in 2007 using the book. Ron’s study guide is a core component of our ITIL e-Foundations courses and ITIL Foundations competency and certification program.  It not only prepares students for the exam, it makes ITIL easily understandable and fixes ITIL’s business value firmly in the reader’s mind. I recommend IT Service management Foundations: ITIL Study Guide by Ron Palmer to everyone that wants a straight forward but deep dive into the often confusing reference material contained in the IT Infrastructure Library.”

Margo Fullilove
Corporate Quality & Continuous Improvement
ITIL/ITSM Alignment Program Manager
Siemens Business Services, Inc.


"An Excellent Read on ITIL Foundations"
"Ron Palmer has done an excellent job of not only telling you what ITIL is and how it works at a fundamental level, he weaves in his own extensive experience and perspectives to challenge the reader's thinking. He has also brought in the knowledge and expertise of an organizational communications consultant, bringing a non-IT style perspective to the content. In addition, the author provides detailed study guide questions at the end of each chapter, with a cross-referenced answer key at the end of the book."

Christopher Byrne, CISA, IBM CAAD/CASA
The Cayuga Group, LLC
An Advanced IBM Business Partner

"This is the most ‘experience tempered’ presentation of IT Service Management fundamentals that I’ve read and I have read several over the years.  I picked this book up anticipating yet another rehash of ITIL.  Five minutes into the first chapter, I knew this book was different."

Steve Janssen
ITIL Service Manager, Service Quality Consultant


Who Needs this Book?

If you are a nontechnical manager looking to better leverage your organization's use of IT, a technical manager looking to master the growing complexity of delivering IT services, a technical person looking to understand this unstoppable trend towards IT Service Management, or a student looking to pass the ITIL Foundations exam, this book is for you.

What is ITIL?

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library.  ITIL is a phenomenon that is sweeping the world.  Companies are incorporating ITIL in all aspects of IT Service Delivery driven by increasing governance, security, privacy regulation, and the growing trend towards IT commoditization and consolidation.

How does this book relate to the core ITIL books?

There are currently eight core ITIL books:

  1. Best Practice for Service Support
  2. Best Practice for Service Delivery
  3. Planning to Implement Service Management
  4. ICT Infrastructure Management
  5. Application Management
  6. Security Management
  7. Software Asset Management
  8. Business Perspective: The IS view on Delivering Services to the Business

These ITIL books are primarily reference books.  They provide considerable information and knowledge but the presentation makes it difficult even for advanced students to understand.  IT Service Management Foundations takes a different approach from the core ITIL books. 

IT Service Management Foundations strives to provide students with just the amount of information needed to understand the core concepts and to pass the ITIL Foundations exam.  The information comes from the Service Support, Service Delivery, and Security Management books and is presented in a clear, easily understood manner.  Examples are provided that supply the students with a clear understanding of the core ITIL concepts.

Students seeking to pass the ITIL Foundations exam by reading the core books will find themselves overwhelmed with the breadth and depth of the information presented.  In addition, the most vital concepts are difficult to identify in the core ITIL books.

This book will give you the tools necessary to pass the ITIL Foundations exam and to begin making real improvements to Service Delivery in your organization.  View Sample Pages.

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Ron B Palmer Picture

Ron B. Palmer a recognized expert in IT Service Management.

Ron has worked as an IT Director, a Senior Engineer with Qualcomm, and an Operations Consultant with Microsoft. He authored the books IT Service Management Foundations: ITIL® Study Guide, an official information source for EXIN’s ITSM Foundations exam and Foundation Exam Tips, a companion guide. He co-founded the first ever graduate program in IT Service Management at the University of Dallas. And he worked with EXIN to improve ITIL V2 questions. He served as an APMG Examiner and wrote exam questions for the ITIL V3 Service Manager's Bridge Course..

Ron is a dynamic IT Management Speaker, a widely respected ITSM Author, a sought-after ITIL Trainer, and an ITIL Master Certified Consultant. He is well respected by CIOs and Senior IT Mangers because of his thought provoking ideas and his practical guidance for immediate results.



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